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Summer 2022 parents leaflet


We have a three-week rotating menu which is changed each term.

At Lake View Nursery we understand the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet for growing, busy minds. Throughout a Child’s journey with us, we will strive to help them develop positive eating habits together with good table manners they will use for life.

All meals will be included in the session price to provide peace of mind and outstanding service for busy families. (Please note: Lunch is not included in Nursery Education Funded children and is charged as an extra)

We provide a healthy menu (meals and snacks) along with drinks throughout the Nursery day. All meals and snacks are prepared on-site by a professional nursery cook.

To foster a positive approach to healthy eating, children will be encouraged to help with the preparations-Whether it is picking blackberries for the crumble or getting the vegetables from their ‘Green fingers Patch’. We are very much aware we must provide a positive influence on the children’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards food and a healthy lifestyle. Children and staff will sit together for meal times and staff encourage children to try different foods and explore their changing pallet of tastes.

In addition to drinks and snacks, each child will be provided with their own named label  (with a photograph of them in the front) and staff encourage them to identify their own drinks bottle and use this throughout their day to keep their brains and bodies hydrated.

We understand that each child is an individual with different dietary requirements and some may have allergies. Our staff are trained to the highest standards to make sure food is safe for the children in their care and our Nursery cook will create dishes when necessary for those children with different requirements.

  • Mid-Morning Snack (served around 10:30am) *Included in fee* Selection of fresh fruits and/or raw vegetables plus bread-sticks, crackers, rice or oatcakes etc
  • Hot cooked lunch (served at 12 noon) *included in main session fees or when requested for extra charge* Example of a type of meal provided- Chicken and pasta bake (v Quorn & pasta bake) with fresh broccoli and sweet corn followed by blackberry and apple crumble with custard.
  • Lunches are prepared fresh on-site using external shop bought produce and vegetables/fruit grown organically in our garden.
  • Mid-afternoon snack (served at 3:00pm) *Included in Fee* Plain biscuits and fruit, cream cheese and crackers, vegetable sticks.
  • Drinks and refreshments. *Included in fee* Staff ensure children have plenty to drink each day with fresh drinking water always available. Children are offered milk at break times and diluted fruit juices are also available in accordance with parental preferences.

Dairy/Gluten/Soya free alternatives are always available.

All staff have Food Hygiene Level 2 and Food Safety Level  2