We hope our parents will:

  • Feel welcome at all times
  • Work in partnership with us to provide the best possible care and education for their child
  • Take an active part in their child’s time with us through partnership events and open day opportunities
  • Participate in meetings and daily communications to informally and formally discuss their child’s development
  • Be involved with shared record keeping, through the use of online Learning Journeys (Tapestry), Home Diaries and shared observations
  • Feedback on all aspects of the nursery so we can monitor the services we provide
  • Make use of opportunities to learn about the nursery curriculum and about their child’s learning in nursery and at home

All relevant information can be found on notice boards outside the classrooms and in Home-Diaries and you will also receive important messages through out text messaging service. You will receive regular Newsletters and updates throughout your time with us and the website and our Facebook page are updated when appropriate.

Policies and Procedures

A copy of our Policies and Procedures can be found in the office, please ask if you would like to see this or take a copy with you. Information that we felt important and relevant to your time with us is also included in your Terms and Conditions pack upon starting.