Our Gardens


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Our Eight Outdoor Learning Themes:

  1. Choice; To give children choice in their play, offering them resources that are within reach whilst giving the correct tools to unlock imagination and enable open ended play.
  2. Risk and Challenge; Risky play and exciting challenges in a secure environment are essential for Early Years development
  3. Nature with a Capital N incorporating; Exploring the world around them and using a wealth of wonderful, naturally occurring resources in their play. Caring for the wildlife in our gardens, we enjoy feeding the birds, ducks and squirrels and making comfy habitats for mini beasts and hedgehogs too!
  4. Play Equipment; A wide range of play equipment to challenge children of all ages, providing foundations for open-ended play, enhancing physical development skills and building on our understanding of the world.
  5. Shade and seating; even the most energetic children need time for rest, reflection and quiet time. A perfect opportunity for socialising with their peers or taking time out to watch the world go by!
  6. Shape, space, direction; using resources to support scientific experiments, mathematical development skills and exploring the ways in which our bodies can move.
  7. Learning through senses; a wealth of stimulating aspects and resources to encourage learning through our senses; the gardens provide different textures, smells, sounds and even tastes too in the Farmer’s Patch!
  8. Water, sand and mud; providing endless opportunities for construction, ‘cooking’, mathematical development, transporting, observing, scientific experiments – the list is endless!