Outdoor Learning

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 “Not all classrooms have four walls; the best ones have none”

At Lake View Nursery we are extremely lucky to have a very large outdoor space that sets us apart from most other nurseries in Hereford. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our children with a healthy, active start to their lives through allowing them the freedom, security and space to develop every aspect of their learning in a natural environment. The outdoor environment acts as the best kind of classroom, to be used regularly as a source of learning and development.

Our carefully planned gardens aim to provide a rich, dynamic and natural learning space for children of all ages and stages, recognising the importance of the principles of Enabling Environments as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and supported by many pieces of research that

The outdoor environment is a rich, dynamic and natural space for learning and development in children of all ages. Its value as an essential learning resource has been recognised by many pieces of research and more recently within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), particularly within the principle of ‘Enabling Environments’.

At Lake View we recognise and understand that:

  •      Outdoor learning provides the foundations for truly open-ended learning
  •      The outdoor environment has unique characteristics and features that continue all year round
  •      Outdoor learning has a positive  and profound effect on children’s well-being and development
  •      Children need the support of attentive and engaged, caring adults who are enthusiastic about the outdoors and understand the importance of outdoor learning
  •      Outdoor learning is enhanced by an environment that is richly resourced with play materials that can be adapted and used in different ways for open ended activities and memorable adventures
  •      An approach to outdoor learning that considers experiences rather than equipment, places children at the centre of the provision
  • The outdoor environment provides a variety of (suitably managed) risks and challenges for children of all ages

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