Planning and Assessment

Planning and Assessment

Through careful and considered planning we aim to provide a wealth of challenging opportunities for each and every child that attends Lake View Nursery; ensuring that we are fully inclusive, placing importance on equality and making certain that each child is able to progress through age/stage appropriate learning activities, resources and enabling environments. Our new planning aims to truly be centred on the children’s interests, learning and achievements; as such each room creates plans using large whiteboards that enable planning to constantly change, move forward and allows all involved in the children’s learning to view the planning, add ideas and extend opportunities and experiences of each child.

At Lake View we aim to provide the most effective planning for all and therefore we ensure that:

  • Planning stems from the children’s ideas and current interests and provide a foundation for building upon these elements.
  • Our planning encompasses learning that is effective, exciting, varied and challenging for each child in order for them to progress in their development in accordance with the EYFS.
  • All adults involved in the child’s learning and development may participate in the planning, including parents/carers and extended family.
  • We provide exciting, challenging and varied opportunities, resources and enabling environments in order to extend on the learning and development of each child.
  • And finally, planning is evaluated thoroughly to ensure that it is effective and fully inclusive to each child.


Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision entails the resources, activities, experiences and opportunities that underpin the general environment and planning throughout the whole nursery. These are the elements that continuously support the work of the staff and help to build on the children’s development, interests and progress on a daily basis. These include all areas of learning and are available both indoors and out and are reviewed by each staff member to ensure appropriateness, safety and relevance.

Enhanced Provision

Enhanced Provision encompasses the resources, experiences and opportunities that are set out in the individual areas in order to build upon and enhance the Continuous Provision. The elements of Enhanced Provision are collated through observations, interests and Next Steps as noted on the Planning Boards within the rooms.

Observations and Assessment

The children are observed on a daily basis during their work and play; points of interest are regularly noted on the Planning Board, in the children’s Home Diaries and also their Learning Journeys (All About Me pages). Observations are carried out in a number of ways including: Spontaneous notes on a daily basis to record interests, comments, responses, achievements, questions, difficulties, events and milestones, photographs, videos, voice recordings, etc. These are then used to inform future planning, Enhanced Provision, Next Steps and are added to the child’s Learning Journeys, Progress Trackers and Termly Reports.

Learning Journeys and Records

Upon starting Lake View each child is provided with a Home Diary and an Online Learning Journey (via the Tapestry computer program). Parents/carers are required to complete an “All About Me” questionnaire to form the basis of their Learning Journeys.

  • Home Diaries include snippets of each child’s learning, interests and activities that they have participated in throughout the week, alongside food intake, health and wellbeing etc.
  • Learning Journeys are completed via an Online System (permission gained from each parent/carer to carry this out, this is a completely voluntary option). Photographs, videos, voice recordings, observations, progress trackers and other relevant information is frequently added to the Learning Journey for parents/carers to view at any time. Parents/carers are also encouraged to participate in these Learning Journeys by uploading their own photographs, videos and observations.