Home Diary

Home Diary

From your child’s very First day, they will receive a ‘Home Diary’.

A Home Diary is given during the first settling in session and is used until their very last day with us. Their key person will write in the diary everyday, sharing the daily activities the child has enjoyed and all of the new skills and experiences they had with us. The Key persons will add photo’s of the child’s activities into the diary.

The Home Diary is shared between Nursery and home to ensure good communication between both parties.

We understand that we live in a society of busy families, so we ensure that you are fully aware of what your child has been doing throughout the day.

We also encourage you to fill in the diary, with all of the events and new skills learnt at home. It is also a way of sharing your child’s interests with us, so that staff can plan activities around your child. You can contribute by informing us of special events, provide photo’s of outings, first words, sentences, jumps-anything! This all helps to build a picture of your child and how they are developing. It, in turn, helps us to meet their interests and needs and extend their learning accordingly.

The diary helps us to learn more and more about your child and you can reflect on your child’s achievements and experiences in years to come-cherishing those important Early years.