(3 years – 5 years)

Within this room, our Key Person role is integral within the transition to primary school. They will assist the families with visits to their new school and meeting new teachers. This process of settling them into school helps to build confidence, providing children with a smooth, successful transition to their new environment.

“In this room we help children get ready for their new adventures at school by promoting independence. We aim to encourage problem solving and team working through play-based learning. We enjoy loose parts play, spending lots of time outdoors, imaginative play, craft and yoga sessions. And, after all of that we do enjoy the occasional sneaky hot chocolate and a movie!” The Preschool Team

We offer children in the Pre-school room opportunities to become independent. This includes self-service snack times, individual drawers and pegs, and free flow access to the weatherproof garden. Children are actively encouraged to make their own decisions for themselves within an attentive and secure environment.

We plan activities each week based on the children’s individual interests and next steps, some of the activities may include:

    • Puzzles and problem solving
    • Creative and expressive art
    • Modelling and building
    • Writing and mark-making
    • Cooking
    • Spanish Lessons
    • Gardening
    • Bug hunts
    • Obstacle courses
    • Imaginary role-play

Our Pre-School Room comprises of 2 large, bright areas leading onto a large outdoor classroom totalling over 85 sq metres!