Baby Room

 (3 months-2 years) 

Our Key Person role is crucial within this room, as babies soon learn to create close bonds with their teachers. They begin to recognise and learn about the people around them. Staff will also work with parents to support their children in both the nursery and home environment. The key worker display is situated on the baby room notice board, your child’s key worker will be on here.

Our Baby Room is equipped with highly qualified, experienced staff.

“We aim to provide a safe and caring environment for babies to make secure attachments. We enjoy spending lots of time exploring the outdoors, getting messy and lots of climbing/sliding on our soft play equipment!” The Baby Team

Our baby room comprises of a large open plan space free flowing onto a under covered, soft outdoor area totaling of 65 sq metres.

  • Each area has been designed to give every child a feeling of space and room to explore.
  • The main classroom space is filled with all of the activities and resources to help babies grow and develop. Underfloor heating helps to keep the temperature regulated, creating a comfortable and safe space for babies to learn and interact with each other.
  • The sleep room provides rest time for your children and also acts as a sensory room. As they become skillful learners, they become aware of their surroundings and develop creativity through connecting patterns and shapes.
  • Large doors open onto a secure ‘baby gym’ area with soft equipment under the protection of an all-weather cover. As babies learn to crawl, roll, toddle and walk, they will use this area to help them fulfill their physical development. With support from our attentive staff, babies will be able to use this area throughout the day. And when the weather outside is stormy, your children will still feel as though they are outside in the fresh air.